• Why Hybrid Cars Are Good?

    When gas prices hit all time highs during the summer of 2007, drivers began to see the allure of trading in their gas-guzzling SUVs for more fuel-efficient hybrids.

    Up to this point, Toyota and Honda had led the market with their highly efficient models, but by

    the summer of 2009 most of the other automakers were catching up, offering hybrid versions

    of their own car models.

    More Fuel-Efficient    Hybrid cars have smaller, more fuel-efficient engines that tend to get

    anywhere from 5 to 10 mpg more than their standard counterparts, saving on gas costs

    and emissions.

  • Why Electric Cars?

    Electric cars are quieter, cleaner and cheaper to run than gas-powered cars. As to why they haven't been fully adopted yet .

    Here, in a nutshell, are a few key benefits of electric cars:

    1. Electricity is cheaper than gas, and can come from renewable resources such as solar and wind power.

    2. Electric cars pollute less than gas-powered cars (especially when renewable energy sources are used to generate the electricity).

    3. Electric cars are much more reliable and require less maintenance than

     gas-powered  cars. You don't even need to get your quarterly oil change!

    4. By using domestically-generated electricity rather than relying on foreign oil,

    we can achieve energy independence and will no longer need to engage in costly

    wars in the Middle East to secure an energy supply.

    5. Electric cars can utilize the existing electric grid rather than require the

    development of a new, expensive energy infrastructure (as would be the case with


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